Play A Part In Building The Next Great Sports Simulation Game - Wolverine Studios

We know how passionate you are about sports simulation gaming and as you know we’ve recently joined on Twitch and have been running a weekly dynasty stream using Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020. We are looking for new and exciting ways to add some unique content to the platform there. We know many people play games on Twitch so we thought in addition to doing that ourselves why not CREATE on Twitch too!

Tomorrow night we are going to turn our weekly stream into what we are calling a Developer Dynasty and we’re going to not only show off what we are working on with our new games but also give you the opportunity to interact with the developers, throw out suggestions, discuss ideas and even have the opportunity to comment in real time on things as we work on them. If you love our sports simulation games this is the chance to get your voice heard about what YOU want to see next in the games.

We’re kicking off this series on Tuesday, June 23rd at 7:30PM EST with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021. We hope that you will stop by and be part of the process and bring your ideas for what you want to see us work on and implement in the game!

Remember that you can follow us on Twitch, turn notifications on so that you know when we go live and if you are finding our content interesting and want to see more of it please consider subscribing to our Twitch channel. If you have Amazon Prime you can even possibly subscribe to our Twitch channel for free – here’s a link to explain that process if you are new to it.

We hope this idea will be a big success and that we will be able to carry it over to other titles and more streams on the subject.