DDS: Pro Basketball 21 Developer Dynasty #1 Recap - Wolverine Studios

Last night we kicked off our Developer Dynasty live stream on our Twitch channel and it was a huge success! We had a great time talking with some of our fans as we went over some new features coming to the game and most importantly got some great feedback on those areas and some other enhancements.

If you missed the stream you can check it out for a little while on our Twitch channel. While you’re there don’t forget to follow us and turn on notifications so you always get alerted when we go live. Also since we are a Twitch affiliate please consider subscribing to the channel – it is a way to support our company financially and if you have Amazon Prime there’s even a way for you to use a free subscription and we would certainly appreciate it if you used yours on us!

We kicked off with the introduction of a brand new game mode coming this year – we call it Universe Mode. A number of players this past season asked about being able to control multiple teams at once. While the game’s current MultiPlayer Mode would allow for that in theory it’s a very clunky way to go about doing what these fans would like to do so Universe Mode is a 100% fan request new feature this year in response to that.

With Universe Mode you will be able to create a GM for each team (because of the game dynamics you have to have individual “characters” in the game) but you will be able to login to the league as commissioner and control all advance functions just like in MultiPlayer Mode. However, you will be able to switch easily between the logged in character without exiting or passwords so that you can then control the aspects of each team you want to. Take a look at our stream video to see it in action yourself.

The other big area we looked at was trading. We showed off the new option for you to pull up the trade screen and offer a player to a team and either get a trade offer back or a rejection of that player. This should be most helpful for those who have asked for an immediate way to get an offer as opposed to just putting a player on the trade block and waiting for an offer on a later date.

We had some fantastic feedback from our stream viewers on trading. In fact two of the items that were requested (number of contract years left on the main view and a list of team needs) have already been implemented in the time since the stream ended. There are some more great ideas we have noted from the stream as well.

If you missed this one we hope you will join us next Tuesday at 7:30PM EST so that you can see what we have been working on as well as have your own opportunity to voice your suggestions and see how you can directly impact the future of the number one basketball simulation franchise!