DDS: Pro Basketball 21 Developer Dynasty #2 Recap - Wolverine Studios

This past Tuesday we took to our live Twitch stream to talk trading in DDS: Pro Basketball 2021.

If you missed the live stream (currently every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM EST) you can catch a recap on our Twitch channel (while available) or our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to follow us on both of our channels and make sure you have notifications enabled for going live or new content. If you can we also appreciated subscriptions to our Twitch channel – don’t forget if you have Amazon Prime you can get Twitch Prime for free and with that you get one free channel sub – we would love it if you used it on us!

We devoted this entire 30 minute episode to talking about trading – new features and enhancements that have so far made their way into the game some of them which were community ideas from people in our first stream. Here’s a quick list of the things highlighted in the video – be sure to check it out for the full detail!

New Trading Features

  • Team Needs – now you see where trading partners have the biggest needs
  • Team Plan – get a text description of what a team’s building mindset is so that you better know who is rebuilding vs contending and how that might change their trade plans
  • Years left on contract shown on the default view as well as full contract data still available as a viewing option
  • Get offer – Button allows you to place a player in the trade and immediately get an offer or response to that player from another team

Trading Enhancements

  • Teams do a much better job evaluating where their team currently stands vs the season they came off of (ie a championship team who loses its star player will account for that now at the start of a new season)
  • The AI is MUCH more protective about valuing future first round picks and is able to differentiate much better the idea of what their next pick should be worth based on their current roster versus what could happen in the future and the value that pick could have
  • Along those lines the AI is also going to be much more aware of the value of a future pick versus the value of a pick mid-draft
  • The AI will also more properly value offers where a human manager is trying to use multiple second round picks to trade with

Are there more enhancements you want to see from the trade engine? Feel free to leave a comment below and be sure to join us for our developer dynasty live streams so that your voice can be heard for new features!